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Balance between data center design, construction and operations is essential.

That’s where we live

We understand your ecosystem

At Critical Facility Group (CFG) we look to mitigate the risk design, construction and operations can place on each other, business continuity and availability. Communication and collaboration are critical to the success of all stakeholders. We understand the role each team plays, their mission, and the collective mission of keeping blinky lights blinking – together. 

Project Management

Change happens, but you still have a day job to do. Let us take on the changes, while you focus on the areas where you can’t let your guard down.

Strategic Consulting

Looking at a new building or land development? Want to augment a commercial space with critical infrastructure? Facing a major technology change? Catching up with power density? We can help.

Construction Oversight

Manage design and construction phases to eliminate or mitigate risk. Need a new vendor or help managing the existing ones? MOP or SOP support with data center operations?

Anything You Need

We are always there if you need anything to your success

Why Choose Us

20 years, more than a million square feet of white space and untold gigawatts of experience.  Greenfield and live environments. One rack or all of them. We will scale to meet you. 

We Think Out of Box
Committed in our work

Maybe it would be better to ask our clients

At CFG we believe in transparency. Once we understand your need we will do our best to connect you with a like kind client so you can vet our experience.

Our Mission
our mission